oscillo fuzz drive
with voltage dropper

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The "LLUNA - oscillo fuzz drive with voltage dropper" (LL) is an overdrive/fuzz pedal with it's own internal oscillating system and voltage dropper.

The "LL" provides a wide rage of distortion level- from a soft overdrive sound to a hard fuzz sound, and it can create a self oscillating sound.

The "Voltage Dropper" circuit creates a distortion sound which is generated when the power voltage is dropped (in general effect pedals, the input sound would be distorted if the power voltage is lower than the voltage which the manufacturer has set). The "Voltage Dropper" circuit drops only a part of the circuit, so the other circuit works properly and the "LL" creates the original "LL" distortion sound, without the difficulty of a lower power voltage supply.

The "LL" can make a low gain drive sound when the "GAIN" is low, a fat fuzz sound with increased gain, and a brutal oscillation sound when the "GAIN" is higher, plus a gasping distortion like a dying battery with the voltage dropper circuit. With this, the "LL" offers an unusual and unique tone.


From the left; "LEVEL", "TONE", "VOLT" and "GAIN" below. "LEVEL" controls the overall output level when the effect is switched on. "TONE" controls the tone. "VOLT" controls a voltage for a part of the circuit. "GAIN" controls the distortion level in the "GAIN" section. It oscillates when it is into the "OSC" section and it controls the pitch of oscillation in the "OSC" section.
The sound may drop out if adjusting the "VOLT" knob too quickly.


On the right side, there is an INPUT jack. This jack is also a power switch. When not in use, be sure to unplug the cord from the input jack.


On the left side, there are jacks for an AC ADAPTER and the OUTPUT.



SIZE L:70mm W:115mm H:55mm
POWER BATTERY 006P or AC adapter(DC9V "barrel" type tip negative)

Specifications may be changed without further notice.