input sensitive subharmonic fuzz

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The "GOMORRAH - input sensitive subharmonic fuzz" (GMR) is a subharmonic fuzz pedal which creates a synthetic lower octave sound.

The pitch of octave sound depends on the intensity of the input (instrument) signal. The basic idea is that if the input signal is strong, the input pitch is output. The output pitch is one octave down if the intensity is middle, and it is two octave down if the intensity is weak.

The pitch steps is caused by the input signal and it acts a random arpeggiator.

From the left; "LEVEL", "TONE", "SENS" and "MODE" switch below. The "LEVEL" controls the overall output level when the effect is on. The "TONE" controls the tone. The "SENS" controls the sensitivity of the effect. The "MODE" switch selects a major tone character. SB(Subharmonic) is for the square wave octave sound, and OT(Overtone) is for the harmonic fuzzy octave sound.


On the left side, there are jacks for an AC ADAPTER and the OUTPUT.


On the right side, there is an INPUT jack. This jack is also a power switch. When not in use, be sure to unplug the cord from the input jack.


It is able to make random arpeggiated and pitch jumps which are controlled by your instruments output signal. Massive fuzz sounds on chords , synth bass sounds on single notes. Different results depending on the way you strike your instrument!



SIZE L:70mm W:115mm H:55mm
POWER BATTERY 006P or AC adapter(DC9V "barrel" type tip negative)

The specification may be changed without further notice.